Produced by Lee Townsend

Recorded and Mixed at Avatar Studios, New York
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

Recording engineers: Joe Ferla and Kevin Killen
Mixing engineer: Joe Ferla
Mastering engineer: Greg Calbi


John Scofield – electric and acoustic guitar
Mark De Gli Antoni – keyboard sampler
Chris Wood – electric and acoustic bass
Tony Scherr – electric and acoustic bass
David Livolsi – electric bass
Eric Kalb – drums
Kenny Wollesen – drums
Johnny Almendra – percussion
Johnny Durkin – percussion


“Guitar star John Scofield drives a gritty funk-mobile with a new model sheen. Scofield’s interaction here with his new young collaborators is still organic and elegant. Scofield has drawn from a hip group of downtown New York players, including bassist Tony Scherr, drummer Kenny Wollesen, and keyboard/sampler whiz Mark De Gli Antoni of Soul Coughing. The guitarist has long been a purveyor of what are essentially ultra-sophisticated party tunes, and ‘Bump’ features a bumper crop of Scofield compositions aimed at engaging the head while moving the hips, with his expanding palette of six-string sonics making each variation on a theme sound fresh. Jazz vets often make noise about connecting with a new generation, but Scofield actually walks his talk.” – Billboard