Produced by Lee Townsend
Co Produced by Quentin Dujardin

Quentin Dujardin: nylon, fretless, acoustic, slide & electric guitars, ukulele, vocals, whistle, piano, hammond organ, bass, bodhran & percussions
Jalal El Allouli: violin on Condroz, Gaston Gendebien & Ya Bai Miriam
Dominic Ntoumos: trumpet on Condroz, California & Gaston Gendebien
Hamza Mraihi: kanoun on Condroz
Kalil Sidy Haidara: electric guitar on Corsica & Mauve
Maximin Randriamanjava: bass on Saint Fontaine
Santo Seinta: drums on Mauve & California
Fred Malempre: drums on Back to Mali
Arnout Hellofs: drums on Saint Fontaine
Fredrik Gille: bells on Saint Fontaine & Back to Mali
El Funoun: vocals on Ya Bai Miriam

Recorded at Agua Music Studio by Quentin Dujardin (Belgium)
Additional recording at Msyp Studio by Maximin Randriamanjava (Belgium)
Mixed at Fantasy Studio by Adam Munoz (US)
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi
Executive Producer: Agua Music

Photo cover by Bruno Mercier
Other photos by Jean Mahaux & Quentin Dujardin

©2012 Agua Music